The Oldest North Carolina Restaurants You Must Try: Historic Restaurant in Charlotte NC

restaurants with history in charlotte nc

North Carolina has a long food history. Historic restaurants help keep culture alive. They serve old dishes that people love. The Carolina Coffee Shop is the oldest restaurant in North Carolina. The Angus Barn opened in 1960 and is still popular. In Charlotte, near the airport, there are many historic places to eat. Each restaurant in Charlotte NC has its own story and charm.

Historic Restaurants with Over a Century of Service

The Angus Barn Restaurant Raleigh NC near Charlotte
Image Source: Angus Barn

The Angus Barn, Raleigh

Opened in 1960

The Angus Barn started in 1960. It quickly became loved by many. The barn-like setting is very charming. It feels warm and welcoming.

Famous Dishes and Special Features

The Angus Barn is known for its steaks. Try the prime rib and filet mignon. They also serve seafood like lobster bisque. The wine cellar has over 1,600 choices. There is also a Wild Turkey Lounge to relax in.

Carolina Coffee Shop, Chapel Hill

Opened in 1922

The Carolina Coffee Shop began in 1922. It is the oldest restaurant in North Carolina. For over 100 years, it has served the community well.

Popular Dishes and Unique Atmosphere

Enjoy breakfast favorites like pancakes or a hearty lunch with sandwiches and salads. The shrimp and grits are a must-try. The cozy atmosphere adds to the charm of dining here.

Family-Owned Treasures Through the Years of North Carolina Restaurant History

Clyde’s Restaurant, Waynesville

Opened in 1941

Clyde’s Restaurant began in 1941. With a cozy and friendly atmosphere, it brings guests from all around to enjoy . Locals enjoy the warm vibe.

Famous Dishes and Special Features

The menu at Clyde’s Restaurant has Southern food. Try the fried chicken and country ham. Their homemade biscuits are famous. They also have tasty pies for dessert. The place is decorated with old photos and keepsakes.

Snappy Lunch, Mount Airy

Opened in 1923

Snappy Lunch was started in 1923 by George Roberson and Deuce Hodge. Its old-time feel and historic charm attract many visitors.

Famous Dishes and Special Features

The pork chop sandwich is a favorite at Snappy Lunch. Breakfast includes pancakes and bacon. For lunch, they serve burgers and hot dogs. The walls show old photos and local stories. The simple food tastes great, so people return.

Famous Barbeque and Seafood Places with Special History in North Carolina

The Pit, BBQ Restaurant Raleigh

Opened in 2007 (Building is Older)

The Pit started in 2007. The building is much older. It looks rustic and charming. Inside, there are brick walls and wooden beams. It feels warm and cozy.

Best Dishes and Cool Features

The Pit is known for barbecue. They serve pulled pork, brisket, and ribs. Sides include mac and cheese and collard greens. They have many sauces to try. People love the vinegar sauce. Desserts like banana pudding and pecan pie are tasty. They also have events and live music often. The food and atmosphere make The Pit a great place to visit.

42nd Street Oyster Bar, Raleigh

Opened in 1931

42nd Street Oyster Bar began in 1931. It is a well-known spot in Raleigh. Inside, it looks like a classic oyster bar. The place feels lively and busy.

Best Dishes and Cool Features

42nd Street Oyster Bar serves seafood. You can get oysters, shrimp, and crab legs here. Steamed oysters are very popular. They also have clam chowder and gumbo on the menu. The bar has many drinks to choose from too. A stone fireplace makes it feel cozy inside. It gets crowded often, so book ahead if you can! Fresh seafood and old-time charm make 42nd Street Oyster Bar special.

Historic Restaurant in Charlotte NC

The Kings Kitchen Historic restaurant in Charlotte nc
Image Source: The King’s Kitchen

McNinch House Restaurant in Charlotte NC

Established in 1989 (Built circa 1892)

McNinch House Restaurant in Charlotte NC is very old. Est in 1892, it gives a special dining time. The Victorian house looks charming and fancy. It feels warm and nice inside.

Signature Dishes and Unique Features

The menu has fancy foods. Try the Green salad with fresh herbs. The Chicken breast with goat cheese is yummy. Desserts like chocolate torte are tasty and the wine list has rare choices.

Charlotte NC Restaurant: The King’s Kitchen

Established in 2010 (Building History Dates Back Further)

The King’s Kitchen serves Southern food. Est in 2010, the building is older. They help the community with their earnings.

Signature Dishes and Unique Features

The fried Chicken is loved by many. The Green beans with bacon taste great. For Lunch, try shrimp and grits. Sweet potato pie is a favorite dessert. It feels cozy inside here too.

Eddie’s Place Restaurant in Charlotte NC

Established in 1997

Eddie’s Place is casual and fun to visit. Est in 1997, it’s a well-known spot in Charlotte now. It feels friendly and relaxed.

Signature Dishes and Unique Features

The Chicken and waffles are a hit here. They have tasty Reuben sandwiches for easy lunch or Creamy Cajun Pasta for an early dinner!

Sir Edmond Halley’s Restaurant in Charlotte NC

Opened in 1996

Sir Edmond Halley’s opened in 1996. The pub feels like a hidden treasure. Its cozy vibe makes it popular.

Best Dishes and Special Features

The menu has British and American food. The Fish and Chips are very popular. The fish is crispy, and the inside is soft. Another favorite dish is the Shepherd’s Pie. It has tasty meat with mashed potatoes on top.

If you like burgers, try the Halley’s Burger. It comes with all the usual toppings. They also have many beers on tap, including local ones.

Inside, Sir Edmond Halley’s looks nice with dark wood and old decorations. There is also an outdoor patio for eating outside. They often have live music, making it fun to visit.

Sir Edmond Halley’s offers a special dining time with good food and a cozy feel.

Honorable Mentions: Other Noteworthy Historic Restaurants

The Fearrington House Restaurant, Pittsboro

Established in 1980s

The Fearrington House Restaurant opened in the 1980s. It is on a pretty farm. The place feels calm and nice.

Signature Dishes and Unique Features

The menu changes with the seasons. Try the Farm-to-Table salad with fresh veggies. The Duck Breast with cherry sauce is tasty. Desserts like the Lemon Tart are delicious. There are many wines to pick from. The restaurant feels cozy with fireplaces and soft lights.

Historic restaurants in North Carolina show the past. Each one has a story with its food and feel. Visiting them lets you taste history. You can enjoy flavors loved for years.

  • Carolina Coffee Shop has served people for over 85 years.
  • The Angus Barn is charming with its barn look since 1960.
  • McNinch House Restaurant gives a Victorian dining time since 1989.

Go and explore these food treasures. Experience the rich history and special tastes yourself. Share your own stories and favorite historic places with others.

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