Ask Us Anything

Find answers to all your questions about Adventurer’s Table with our comprehensive FAQs page. From reservation details to game info, discover everything you need to know for a fun and memorable visit!

If you are dining only, we ask that you be respectful of our time and head out after your meal like any other restaurant. If you are making use of our game library, we invite you to stay as long as you’d like.

Our main focus is on our pub environment. We have food and drinks available to everyone. We do, however, include a small retail section where you can find some of the most popular board games and accessories that you may want for your games.

We have partnered with Spidermind Games and will have their Level-Up system at all tables. This allows your food to stay on the table while the game is raised up and out of the way.

Absolutely! Chef Prior is curating our menu specifically with board games in mind. We will be avoiding greasy and overly-messy foods.

Our current plans are to be open Monday through Friday from 3pm – 11pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 11pm.

Once a game is finished, you may drop it in our “played” bin, or it will be picked up and placed there by one of our game experts. From there, our game experts take the game and sanitize the game pieces before reshelving the game for another patron to use.

Of course! When you enter, you will be asked if you are interested in utilizing our game library. If not, you will be seated in our dining-specific section. Though no worries if you change your mind, we can always add a level-up system to your table to create a game surface as well. Just ask one of our servers or game experts.

We have plans to have a small kids’ section with giant Jenga, giant Connect 4, and some other simple toys/games. It is of course still the parents’ responsibility to watch their children, but we will have a dedicated space for them to spend time.

We plan to have a bit of everything and open with around 300 different titles. Some examples are classics like Monopoly, Risk, Axis and Flies, Sorry, and Phase 10. But we will focus on the more modern games starting around the Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne to very recent games. AND we plan to include things needed for games like D&D or Pathfinder (or any TTRPG) and table-top war games like Warhammer 40k!

Some games may be hard to find or even impossible in stores, but likely generally available online from their publishers’ websites. We also plan to back Kickstarters to gain a library of extremely hard-to-find games!

We will be frequently looking at new games and, of course, taking requests. We plan to assess our game library at least 2 times a year and, perhaps, quarterly.

No, except for armies for tabletop war games, TCG Decks, and books for TTRPGs.

We plan on having both of these though are still working out details. You can find everything membership-related here.

Recommended, especially for any of the private rooms!

We will be sanitizing games and pieces between play. We ask that patrons not re-shelve games but, instead, place games in one of the played games bins that will be around the establishment. This allows our game experts to sanitize and shelve the games in the correct locations.

Music will be kept at a low volume, and we plan for decent spacing between tables to help break up the noise. Private rooms will make use of some noise canceling/dampening solutions as well.

None! We welcome all to the world of gaming! And we even have plans for a small children’s section.

Yes! We will have dedicated game experts who will run our many events and be available to help patrons select a game suited to them or to help with rules disputes.

Plenty! There is nothing specific planned outside of wanting at least 1 TCG night and 1 TTRPG (like D&D) night. Also, we definitely want to run a league for teens specifically.

We don’t have current plans for these but are very interested. We will seek out opportunities with local businesses and if there are any local game developers, we’d love to host some beta-test nights!

We have a chef who was a local before moving to California. He is creating a custom menu specifically themed for our venue and idea. We are expecting different smash burgers and chicken burgers as well as numerous international small dishes, many on skewers!

Absolutely! Our events will be great for solo patrons to be able to join a group to learn a new game!

We are actively seeking additional funding and are open to small loans or investments. Our website is going through renovations right now to better present some of this information. We also will have set up a small retail section on our website where all money goes towards opening our first of hopefully many locations! Check us out at www.adventurerstable.com, or on Facebook.

Access to our game library is $8 per adult and $5 per child. However, this fee is waived when you purchase one of our memberships.