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Create an unforgettable experience at Adventurer's Table, a realm brimming with camaraderie and adventure.


An Investment In Your Future
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Your membership contributions bring our vision to life, creating captivating gaming spaces, community events experiences, and curating mouthwatering menus. Let’s build something extraordinary together for our Rock Hill community!


$ 125 Annual
  • 1 Passholder
  • Free Game Library Access
  • Locked-In Lifetime Membership Price


$ 250
  • 1 Passholder + 1 Guest
  • Free Game Library Access
  • (1) $5 Coupon/Month
  • 10% Discount on Room Reservations
  • Locked-In Lifetime Membership Price


$ 550
  • 1 Passholder + 4 Guests
  • Free Game Library Access
  • (1) $10 Coupon/Month
  • 25% Discount on Room Reservations
  • Locked-In Lifetime Membership Price
  • Personalized Memorial in Our Décor

Why Support Us?

Invest In a Quest

Keep the spirit of adventure alive, ensuring every visit offers a thrilling escape into the world of board games and epic tales.

Bring a Vision to Life

Your contributions help us transform our dream into reality, creating a unique dining and gaming experience that delights and inspires.

Create a Captivating Gaming Space

Funding helps us enhance and expand our gaming library, for a diverse range of games in an immersive environment.

Bring Your Community Together

Foster a community hub where friendships flourish and family bonds strengthen over shared meals and games.

The Adventurer's Table Experience

Where imagination reigns supreme and every corner holds the promise of adventure.
Adventurer's Table Gaming Creative

Snag a Table

You are greeted by a staff member in their adventurer's guild uniform and taken to be seated at your parties table.

Peruse the Menu at Adventurer's Table

Peruse the Menu

Our menu is decorated with whimsical illustrations and cleverly named dishes inspired by tales of yore which promise a culinary journey like no other.

Choose a Game at Adventurer's Table Game Library

Choose Your Adventure

Eager to begin your quest, you approach the bustling library, where friendly game experts are ready to help you make a choice for which adventure you will embark on first.

Start Your Adventure at Adventurer's Table

The Adventure Begins

With drink in hand and companions by your side, you settle in amidst a sea of fellow adventurers.

Featured Games

Here are a few of our fan favorites from the 400+ board games you can play!

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